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About us

We, BBM Group of Companies have started Brilliant Building Maintenance and Brilliant Cleaning Services L.L.C & Brilliant Pest Control Services L.L.C since 2010 and have been providing services like Maintenance, Cleaning Services, and Pest Control Services. Our commitment to unsurpassed service and workmanship has earned us a well deserved reputation. Our prices are reasonable and the services are the best.

The edifice of our company is built on highly skilled workers and laborers recruited from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka. They are well trained and capable to provide quality services to our esteemed customers by discharging their responsibilities in a very positive, special and significant way. More importantly, they were given essential knowledge and in-house training and to be neat attire, presentable and adhere strictly to personal hygiene and cleanliness.

Customer Communication

Customer communication is one of the foundations of success at BBM Group. Each of our customers’ needs and expectations are different. At BBM, each customer has direct communication with both the site employee and customer services representative at the regional office.

Employee Ownership

BBM is special because it is employee owned. The employees that clean our customers’ facilities are also Company owners. Every BBM employee has a vested interest in ensuring the highest level of service quality and client care is provided to each and every one of our customers.

Our Vision

We will lead not follow. All ways raise the standard not lower it. Think lateral not logical. Challenges the limit not comply with it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our esteemed customers with the best and most professionals services at all times. Create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, clients and community which we serve.

Our Division

  • Brilliant Cleaning Services
  • Brilliant Pest Control Services (Municipality Approved)
  • Brilliant Building Maintenance

ISO Certificates

ISO Training


Messages from our Managing Directors